About This Shop

Admin Email : [email protected]

VR Home Page : rockhardvr.com
Daily Developer Log : dailylog.myhtml5game.net


1. Alternative Payment Methods

If your credit card doesn’t work, try Patreon. I can let you pay on Patreon and get access here.

If you need to use crypto, I’ll receive your crypto.

*Recently, I’m experimenting with Stripe which supports Google and Apple Pay. I can give you a manual payment link.

Contact me for details.


2. Why VRGame34 Shop?

  1. Encourage to allocate more time to R34 content.
  2. Communicate with the developer, make suggestions for updates.
  3. Keep access without monthly payments.


3. Supported Devices

  1. Oculus Quest 1,2
  2. Oculus Go
  3. Pico 4

For other devices, consult this guide and use at your own risk. Hardware Guide


4.Refund Policy

  1. If this site as a whole fails to maintain its service and closed for any reasons, we’ll refund all payments made before 60 days of closure.
  2. If any Early Access game fails to release as a completed game, we’ll refund all payments made for that specific game.
  3. Mistaken Purchases – If you have purchased by a mistake (cases like wrong item or unsupported hardware), it’ll be refunded. Contact by email as quickly as possible.

Other than that, refund is not provided for the customer’s change of mind.


5. Privacy and Security

  1. This site supports only Social Login for safety. We don’t keep your password of Social Account.
  2. We get your name and email. Your email is not displayed publicly anywhere. You can change the info here if you want to.
  3. This site doesn’t keep your payment information.


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2 months ago

Visa prepaid ain’t working for me.
Can’t pay